Are you experiencing issues with your computer?  Thought about going to Geek Squad and waiting in those lines to get some help?  Why drag your PC to someone to have it looked at when you can have AIOS All-In-One-Service, LLC remotely diagnose your situation.  We provide a wide range of PC technical support services.   The internet can be a dangerous place, but we are experienced in protecting "You" the consumer from hackers, viruses, spyware and other malware.  We are experts in our field.

Hardware and Software diagnostic services

Serving anyone in the Sumter, Lake and Marion Counties to do the hardware diagnostics.  We do house visits and bring our tools to the job.   Computers are easier and more dependable with each new generation of hardware and operating system update, but that does not mean the're problem-free.  Our technicians use the latest tools available to do their jobs successfully and confidently deliver 100% customer satisfaction.  

If we determine you need to replace a piece of hardware we will advise you where to purchase those pieces and even help you install them once you have received the new hardware.  

For the software diagnostics we can do this nationwide and it does not matter where you are located.  We have U.S. based technical support that can assist you with any software issues you experience. 



PC Performance Tune-Up and Cleaning

Our services include virus removal, computer diagnostics, data recovery and performance tune-up. We are a full service remote tech support company, and do not sell any hardware or service contracts. It is a low-cost one time fee for any computer repair service, period.

  • OS tuning to best performance based on your hardware
  • Update all drivers to their latest specifications
  • Update all necessary Microsoft security patches
  • Update Anti-Virus file definitions.  If you do not have any Anti-Virus installed we will install one for you for free!
  • Complete Virus - Spyware -  Malware scan and removal
  • Internal and external physical PC cleaning (heat sinks, fans, power supply, drive bays etc.), removal of dust and grime to ensure proper airflow and operation

This personal bring/pick up service is only available for Sumter, Lake and Marion counties where you can drop off your PC off at our office, or we can schedule a pickup of that equipment for a nominal fee.  Outside of these counties you will have to box and ship your equipment if you would like to have it serviced by AIOS All-In-One-Service, LLC.


OS Installation

Sometimes your PC cannot be saved by doing a performance tune-up, or something has gone wrong that is just not fixable.  Instead of purchasing a new PC that may cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars we can restore your system to factory performance or just re-install your Operating System (OS).  We handle any operating system from Microsoft XP to Win 8.1 and all of the Server software as well.  We even do Linux installations if you would like to switch from Microsoft to an OpenSource system.

  • Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, Win7/8 etc.)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012
  • If you have the need we can install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express or higher
  • Microsoft Office re-installation (must have product keys)
  • Microsoft Anti-Virus installations
  • Linux Ubuntu installations
  • OpenOffice installations
  • and many more options




Hardware installation

We can handle most hardware installations.  Basic installation of memory (RAM), hard drive replacements, power supplies are what we do on a daily basis.

We also handle more complex replacements of hardware like LCD screens, Motherboard, CPU, etc...